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US-620CNC Spring Coiling Machine

ModelUS-608US-620US-660US-680Number of Axis6 axes6 axes6 axes6 axesWire Diameter
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    1. Compression spring machine is a 6-axis spring machine consisting of wire feeding axis ,upper cutter axis, bottom cutter axis, pitch axis. What’s more, we add a spring OD controlling axis, all these axis assures to make most precise springs with most efficiency.

    2. The spring machine cutter can be adjusted inside and outside on computer easily and flexibly.thus saved manual work.

    3. Servo motion system and servo drive controlled, 15" control panel, easy to operate.

    4. All necessary work relating to spring production can be accomplished by finger on computer panel.

    5. Computer can automatically detect the temperature of the motor and slow down the running speed to protect the motor from overheating.

    6. Computer can automatically decelerate according to the timing when the probe should be used. Production speed can be increased or decreased at any time of running the machine.



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