Precise counting ensures that each copper wire is accurate. The flat copper wire square winding machine is not to be missed.

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Title: Flat copper wire square winding machine - a new tool for copper wire winding

The flat copper wire square winding machine is a new type of copper wire winding tool. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision and reliability. It is widely used in electronic components, motors, transformers and other fields. Next, we will introduce you step by step the characteristics and usage of this winding machine.

1. Machine features

1. Efficient: The flat copper wire square winding machine adopts advanced automation technology and has a fast winding speed. It can complete the winding of dozens of flat copper wires in one minute, saving time efficiently.

2. Accurate: The winding machine uses precision sensors and counters, which can accurately count and measure, ensuring the accuracy of the length and quantity of each copper wire.

3. Reliable: The flat copper wire square winding machine adopts a stable structure and advanced technology, with stable operation, simple maintenance and long service life.

2. How to use

1. Preparation work: First prepare the flat copper wire to be wound and the winding machine, and check whether the winding machine is operating normally. The flat copper wire is placed on the shaft of the winding machine according to the required specifications.

2. Start-up operation: Press the "start" button of the winding machine, the motor starts to run, pulls the flat copper wire, and the copper wire starts to rotate along the axis. Note: Do not make the flat copper wire too loose or too tight.

3. Winding: During the winding process, check the tension and quantity of the copper wire in time, determine the winding length according to the winding requirements, and adjust the speed and tension of the winding machine in a timely manner.

4. Take up the wire: After completing the winding, stop the motor and remove the wound flat copper wire from the shaft. Note: When removing the copper wire, do not bend or pull it excessively to avoid affecting the quality.

3. Maintenance

1. Clean in time: After each use, the winding machine must be cleaned, especially the shaft part, to ensure the winding quality.

2. Regular inspection: Regularly check whether all parts of the winding machine are normal, such as motors, reducers, etc., and repair them in time when problems are found.

3. Lubrication and maintenance: If necessary, lubricate and maintain the axle of the winding machine to extend the service life of the winding machine.

To sum up, the flat copper wire square winding machine is an efficient, accurate and reliable winding tool that can meet a variety of winding needs and is a new tool in the field of copper wire winding. When using it, we need to strictly follow the relevant operating procedures and maintain the winding machine to ensure the quality and efficiency of the winding and bring more economic benefits and social value to production.


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