Innovative design, efficient manufacturing: Camless No cam rotating spring machine breakthrough

Author:Union Spring(Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. Date:2023-10-17 Reading:

In mechanical hands, the manufacturing process and design requirements of springs have always been a great concern. Traditionally, we used a variety of mechanical parts to make springs such as spiral, plate springs, etc. But these traditional manufacturing technology and design have some disadvantages in many aspects, such as low manufacturing efficiency, poor accuracy, high cost and so on.

To solve these problems, we propose a brand new spring design and manufacturing scheme, Camless wire rotary spring machine. This machine uses advanced electromagnetic technology and computer control technology, which can make high quality, high precision spring in a short time.

Camless wire rotary spring machine The basic principle is to use one or more metal wire as the main body of the spring, through computer control technology to accurately control the radius of coil, ring number and pitch and other parameters, so as to create a variety of different shapes and specifications of the spring. At the same time, this kind of machine can also according to the need, using different materials and diameter of metal wire to create different properties of the spring, to meet a variety of different occasions and needs.

Camless wire rotary spring machine The design and manufacture are difficult, and many technical problems need to be solved. For example, how to ensure the stability and precision of metal wire in the process of curling, how to control the stress distribution of metal wire, how to design the shape and specification of the spring, and so on. However, by optimizing the design and manufacturing process, we have successfully solved these problems and have applied for a number of national invention patents.


The emergence of Camless wire rotary spring machine has completely changed the way we make and recognize the springs. It can not only greatly improve the manufacturing efficiency and precision of the spring, but also can reduce the production cost and energy consumption, with a very high economic and social value. At the same time, it also provides more possibilities and freedom for our manipulator design and manufacturing, so that we can more flexibly design and manufacture more complex and sophisticated manipulator structures and functions.

In addition to its applications in robots, Camless wire rotary spring machine can also be used in a wide range of fields that require springs, such as automotive, aerospace, military, home appliances, and so on. This new spring manufacturing scheme has great market potential and development prospect, which is worth our more in-depth research and exploration in all aspects.


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