Yonglian Group's copper and aluminum row bending machine helps car battery connection and molding, and technological innovation leads the future

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With the continuous development of the automobile industry, automobile battery connection row forming technology is also constantly improving. As an enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of auto parts bending machines, Yonglian Group has always been committed to technological innovation and quality improvement. Yonglian Group has launched a professional bending machine, mainly used for forming automobile battery connection rows to meet market demand.


This professional bending machine adopts advanced CNC technology and has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and high stability. By precisely controlling the bending angle, bending speed and bending force, battery connection rows of different specifications and materials can be bent quickly and accurately. At the same time, the equipment is also equipped with a variety of safety protection functions to ensure the safety and reliability of the operation process.


Compared with traditional bending machines, Yonglian Group's professional bending machines have the following advantages:

High-precision molding: Using advanced CNC technology, the bending angle and bending force can be accurately controlled to ensure molding quality.

High efficiency and stability: The equipment uses high-strength materials and high-quality parts to ensure long-term stable operation. At the same time, the high-efficiency bending speed greatly improves production efficiency.

Easy to operate: The equipment adopts human-computer interaction interface, which is easy to operate and easy for workers to master quickly.

Safe and reliable: The equipment is equipped with a variety of safety protection functions, which effectively avoids safety hazards during operation.

Yonglian Group's professional bending machines not only improve the accuracy and efficiency of automotive battery connection molding, but also provide strong support for the development of the automotive industry. In the future, Yonglian Group will continue to launch more high-quality products, adhering to the concepts of technological innovation and quality first, to meet the continuous changes and needs of the market.


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