To improve production efficiency and product quality, Yonglian Group’s flat wire winding machines are highly recognized for their high precision and stability.

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In today's highly automated industrial production environment, the technical content and performance of mechanical equipment determine an enterprise's production efficiency and product quality. As a machinery and equipment manufacturer, Yonglian Group has been committed to developing innovative and efficient products to meet the ever-changing market and customer needs. Among them, the flat wire winding machine of Yonglian Group has attracted market attention due to its excellent performance and advanced technology.

First, the technical characteristics of flat wire winding machines

The flat wire winding machine is a special winding equipment used more and more widely by Yonglian Group in modern electronic equipment. The equipment adopts advanced CNC technology with high precision, high efficiency and high stability. Its main technical features include:

High-precision positioning and control

The flat wire winding machine uses high-precision servo motors and position sensors to achieve precise position control and high-speed dynamic response. This can ensure the positioning and tension control of the wire during the winding process, greatly improving product quality and production stability.

Multi-axis linkage and automatic control

This equipment realizes multi-directional and multi-angle automatic winding through multi-axis linkage technology, which greatly improves production efficiency and reduces labor intensity. At the same time, through the automatic control system, remote monitoring and intelligent management of equipment are realized, further improving the convenience and efficiency of production management.

Diverse functionality and adaptability

The flat wire winding machine adopts a modular design and can be customized and expanded according to different production needs. By replacing different molds and clamps, it can adapt to round, square or special-shaped wires, greatly improving the adaptability and flexibility of the equipment.

Second, the application fields of flat wire winding machines


Because the flat wire winding machine has the above-mentioned excellent technical characteristics, it has been widely used in many fields. mainly include:

1.Automotive electronics

With the continuous improvement of automobile electronics, flat wires are increasingly used in automobiles, such as automobile sensors, connectors, wiring harnesses and other parts. Flat wire winding machines play an important role in producing these parts, improving production efficiency and product quality.

2. Home appliance manufacturing

In the field of home appliance manufacturing, flat wires are widely used in circuit connections and data transmission of various electrical appliances. The flat wire winding machine can quickly and accurately complete the winding work of various complex lines on the home appliance production line, improving production efficiency.


In the aerospace field, due to the high requirements for product quality and performance, the performance requirements for production equipment are also very strict. Yonglian Group's flat wire winding machines have been widely used in the aerospace field due to their high precision and high stability.


4.Communication equipment

In the field of communication equipment, with the development of communication technology, various new communication equipment and lines are constantly emerging. Flat wire winding machines can meet the production needs of communication equipment and lines of different types and specifications, providing strong technical support for the rapid development of the communication equipment industry.

3. Conclusion

Yonglian Group's flat wire winding machines have been widely used in various fields with their excellent performance and advanced technology. In the future, with the continuous development of science and technology, Yonglian Group will continue to be committed to developing more efficient and smarter machinery and equipment to make greater contributions to the development of global manufacturing.


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